About Paper-kiss-designs.com

Paper-kiss-designs.com creations are perfect for everyone who’s special to you: your mother, your best friend, your neighbor, your child, your sister or your grandmother. The little books fit through the door mail slot, so Paper-kiss-designs.com can help you deliver a lovely surprise: a kiss in the mail.

Paper-kiss-designs.com and the environment

Paper-kiss-designs.com is concerned about the environment. That’s why our little books are printed on FSC-certified paper. Our wallet-size photo books are crafted by hand in the Netherlands. We buy our buttons at flea markets, eBay and other second-hand shops.

Paper-kiss-designs.com and Jenny

The LOOK AT ME wallet-size photo book was created by Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Jenny Lindhout. “I like to make tangible things, for children, and I enjoy running my hands through the button basket. As a mother of two, I know how hard it is in a busy day to stop and notice how your children are growing. In creating LOOK AT ME, I’m reminded of what I have: two beautiful children who are growing up fast!”


Web design: Jenny Lindhout
Programming: Aquariuz
Text editor: Ria de Jong
Photo Jenny: Schols Fotografie